It’s all about copyright

I seem to be spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with copyright issues at the moment. From advising staff and handing out my new guides at LSE, meeting with the Copyright Licensing Agency, to running workshops and giving talks. Last week I was up in Edinburgh presenting at a SCURL event on ‘Managing Copyright’. I’ve just made the slides available from Slideshare.I was speaking about Copyright and E-learning and tried to cover a wide range of issues, but inevitably there were a lot of questions about the new CLA Licence and how we manage scanned readings at LSE. I was also helping Sarah Brear from the CLA answer some questions about the new licence, in particularly the issue of US publishers now being opt-in (rather than opt-out) to the scanning part of the licence, and some problems with the CLA title search – which should be telling you if a title is covered by your licence or not. More coming very soon on both those issues, following a meeting at CLA last week.

I do have to apologise for the lack of posts recently though, what with holidays and then an enormous backlog of emails, I’ve been a little busy. At LSE I am still promoting the new Reading Lists @ LSE system to academic staff, as a new way of presenting this information to students, rather than using Moodle. I’ve also got to get the digital literacy workshops scheduled before the end of the week, which are run for our staff and PhD students. And my new HEA funded project SADL is starting to kick off and we are hoping to recruit students to become digital literacy ambassadors in two departments, once term starts. Next week is orientation, but then term starts properly and that means summer is finally over. The start of Michaelmas Term – the time of year when I hold my breath, dive underwater and hopefully emerge again just before Christmas when things finally start to calm down again!


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