Meeting with student ambassadors

Last Friday and this Tuesday Ellen Wilkinson, Arun Karnad and I ran our first workshop for the Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy (SADL) project. Four students came to the first workshop, and 15 came to the second, so there was quite a different vibe in the two sessions. We’ve got 20 student ambassadors in total, from the Departments of Social Policy and Statistics. You can find out about them on our Ambassadors webpage. However, it was really exciting to meet them for the first time and hear first hand what skills they thought were important for their studies and the role of digital literacies. We concentrated on how they find information, and introduced them to the SADL blog and the project overall. We also asked them to think about the aspects of social media that annoy them! There’s a short blog post about the first workshop now online.

I also visited the University of Kent last week to give a talk about digital and information literacy based on ANCIL. I ran a short workshops for staff after the presentation where they had a chance to start thinking about how the support they deliver can be mapped according to ANCIL. My slides from the talk are available on Slideshare. Unsurprisingly the SADL project also attracted some interest and I enjoyed chatting to staff there about common interests and activities.


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