Teaching WordPress and Twitter

This week I have been teaching people about using Twitter and WordPress. Not in formal classes, but on a one to one basis both inside and outside of work. At work a management lecturer called in to see me to get some advice about using Twitter during the week. She had set up an account but not yet dared to tweet. We had an interesting chat where she showed me some things, including a tool called Buffer, which can allow you to schedule tweets or updates to Facebook at set times. I also persuaded her to take the plunge and she is now tweeting, reassured that some of the people who are following her are not weirdos and with some lists set up to help manage the overload.

Outside of work, I helped the Chair of my local Civic Society get his head around Twitter, which we’ve been using to promote the work on the group (I am the social media rep and Secretary). We also uploaded some photos to the Facebook site, but it’s interesting as I’ve found Twitter to be a far more effective tool for engaging with people in the local community than Facebook.

And then today I helped my aunt set up a website using WordPress for a local charity she volunteers for. We used Skype to have a lesson and I shared my screen with her to give an idea of what she should be seeing on her own screen. It probably took slightly longer than if we had been face to face, but she was really pleased we managed to get the website up and running within a few hours. I also tried out giving a remote tutorial and sharing my screen via Skype for the first time, which was fun! It’s interesting how these tools that I use professionally have so many other applications outside of work. I  think this week has been an example of transferring the value of my own information competencies from my professional to personal life, and then back the other way! I’ve also had a week where by teaching someone else, I’ve actually learnt to use some of these tools better myself. My other great find of the week has been Wunderlist an app which was recommended on the Lifehacker site and which I am going to trial for managing all my tasks, in my personal and professional life. I will see how that goes!



One thought on “Teaching WordPress and Twitter

  1. I was the aunt who Jane kindly helped set up a web site using wordpress. Although it did take a couple of hours on Skype (some time wasted as my computer closed itself down during the process) it was an excellent & successful tutorial. I knew nothing at all about wordpress but with Jane’s help I set up a new web site that looks great and has received really good feedback. Thank you Jane.

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