Library Instruction West – Portlandia!

I’m spending this week in Portland, Oregon for the Library Instruction West conference, but the city is famous for craft beer, great food and the series, Portlandia which suggests it’s a little alternative! A few years ago Nigel Morgan told me about this great conference that was formerly known as LOEX of the West. I learnt today that LOEX meant Library Orientation EXchange which was where librarians came to share ideas before the internet. So the fact I was talking about sharing IL resources globally as part of the COPilot project and COPILOT committee was highly relevant. I made my slides available on Slideshare and also have been promoting the work of the UK Information Literacy group, not least our Journal and the LILAC conference.

Oregon Historical Society Museum

Oregon Historical Society Museum

Today I’ve also learned that many of the challenges that academic librarians face in the UK are very similar over the Atlantic! I’ve also learnt that we use some very different terminology and not just words like elevator / lift or cookie / biscuit but the whole vocabulary around education is quite different! But somehow I think we have shared ideas about information literacy and I’ve come away feeling like librarians around the world have a lot more in common than what divides us. It was also great to hear Alison Head from Project Information Literacy speak again – she was the keynote at LILAC 2014 in Sheffield and did a fantastic keynote on the research habits of recent graduates.

Last night’s meal on the Portland Spirit was a real treat and we got to sample Oregon wine and beer! No dancing but it was a lot of fun! Cheers folks and thanks to everyone making me feel so welcome. I am looking forward to day 2 and hearing William Badke speak this morning as well as many other US librarians who’s work I have read before!


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