Working with TeenTech

IMG_7598-001Tomorrow I become the Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy Group and I am honoured to be chairing a CILIP special interest group which was formed from a sub-group I helped to set up over 10 years ago. I’ll be handing over the editing of the Journal of Information Literacy to Emma Coonan over the coming few months, and I am relishing the opportunity to lead such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of library and information professionals. One of the first incredibly exciting things we are going to be working on is a new Research and Information Literacy Award, for TeenTech. You can read about my meeting with Maggie Philbin, (yes she of Tomorrow’s World fame) and how the award came about on the IL website. I’ll be opening the LILAC conference next week as well as introducing one of our keynotes. My first day as Chair will actually be spent at CILIP as I am attending an speaking at the CILIP Copyright Briefing. It’s exciting times, and I sense that much of the hard work of the last 10 years is finally starting to pay off. Have a lovely Easter break everyone!


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