Copyright – it’s all fun and games!

 Aside from dealing with the regular copyright queries that come in each week – I’ve been spending a lot of time analysing the data from the survey of over 600 UK library and related professionals. It’s mainly quantitative data so I’m glad Chris has better Excel literacy skills than me! Although I may be called upon for my statistical analysis skills as I’ve noticed the four countries who participated in phase one of the study carried out a Chi Squared test. I am reminded of the SPSS course I did as a PhD student! Or perhaps I will ask one of my Stats students on SADL to assist? We hope to have a report ready soon, there is a planned journal article and several conference papers including in July in Edinburgh at the Northumbria conference on performance management.

If you are looking to improve your understanding of copyright there are many courses you can take, great books to read, some fantastic blogs and of course the LIS-Copyseek list. However today I have a willing band of LSE staff (mainly from the library) signed up to play Copyright: the card game. Developed in association with Chris Morrison and Naomi Korn, the game was used earlier this year in sconul copyright training and got excellent feedback. I’ve tried to shorten it for today’s lunchtime session so I hope it works as well as before. I’ll be dividing them into teams and look forward to running it with Maria Bell. More soon!


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