Don’t just copy: copy it right!

Don't just copy: copy it right! In a few weeks time LSE will be rolling out a fleet on new MFDs (multi-functional devices) that allow printing, photocopying and scanning and I have been advising the project team on copyright issues. As part of this project my lovely colleagues in the IMT Comms team, Jessica and Niamh have helped me develop a range of new publicity materials to promote copyright education across the School including posters, postcards and fortune cookies! Yes seriously we have fortune cookies with helpful reminders about copyright inside them!

This MFD project coincides with the copyright education ‘mission’ I’ve launched with Chris Morrison from the University of Kent. I’ve previously reported on our survey of copyright literacy among UK librarians and related professionals but we really are on a mission, which will involve a presentation and a full paper at ECIL 2015 in Tallinn in October. Last week we wrote a blog post on why copyright is a fundamental part of digital and information literacy which was published on the CILIP blog.  If you’ve not read it yet then please do and let me know what you think. I have never understood why copyright is perceived as being dry, boring and all about telling people what they can’t do. Chris and I are trying to change people’s perceptions about copyright and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to understand copyright and licensing and see this knowledge as empowering – and a really important part of being information literate.

We worked together earlier this year to develop a new game-based approach to copyright education which has been transforming my copyright training sessions. I’ve never had so much interest in my copyright training workshops and in just under 2 months will have had almost 50 people from LSE attend the revamped games based sessions! Tomorrow afternoon there is another opportunity for LSE staff to play Copyright the Card Game as part of an IMT Tech Talk. I’ve adapted some of the scenarios hopefully to make them more relevant for my colleagues in IT for tomorrow’s session and of course they will get fortune cookies.

I also have new guides to Copyright for LSE staff ready this weekend I’ve been updating my copyright webpages. I’m also really pleased with my new strapline for the publicity material – don’t just copy – copy it right!


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