Information literacy in the UK, in Vienna

I’m presenting tomorrow in the University of Vienna at the Austrian Library conference on the topic of information literacy in the UK. I’ll be speaking about the work that the CILIP Information Literacy group are currently undertaking to get information literacy recognised outside higher education and the library sector. The group are funding 3 research projects that specifically explore IL in other sectors; a digital champions project in Newcastle public library, a study to explore the value of IL in the workplace and a project to explore the role of school libraries in developing young people’s political awareness. I’ll also be talking about the TeenTech Research and Information Literacy award which is being launched this month.

Closer to home, a key way of getting a wider understanding of what information literacy is and why it matters has been through working with students as partners at LSE, on the Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy project. I will say a little about this project and you might ask why we call it digital literacy? Well terminology does matter and while I might understand it as information literacy, I’ve found the term digital literacy has had far more resonance with academic staff and with students. So I will conclude with a brief talk about definitions, frameworks and some further reading. It’s great to be in Vienna this week, the weather is sunny and warm and the cakes are divine!


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