It’s all about writing and editing

IMG_2930Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, but don’t think or a minute I’ve not been doing any writing recently. In fact I’ve been doing so much writing (and thinking and reading and debating) that I am going half crazy. It’s all getting very close to the deadline for the second edition of Copyright and E-learning being due with my publisher Facet and so I feel like I’ve done very little but read, write, think and speak about copyright for months now! I’m so grateful for my co-author, Chris Morrison, who is working tirelessly and going slightly crazy with me. And so grateful to our patient families who probably can’t wait until next weekend, when it’s finally sent off for proof reading.

I like writing and I like copyright, but this final stage all gets rather fraught as all of a sudden you remember that crucial thing that’s not in the book. Or you chat with someone and they mention something and you find your mind wandering and thinking, ‘I really ought to have referenced that article’, or find out more about whether this topic is relevant to my book. I can only apologise for my slightly more distracted attitude than usual in meetings, in conversations with people and even while at the gym or socialising! It will end very soon!

On top of this I’m really excited that Chris and I’d first peer reviewed article on our Copyright Literacy research came out in late December in Library and Information Research. We’ve started the next phase of the research which is to carry out some focus groups (it wasn’t like we had much else to do!) and have been preparing to pitch a new game at LILAC as part of the exciting new format of presentations, Legadothon. Yes I know, it sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, but we have Nigel Morgan to thank for this! On that note I’d like to point out that despite Nigel’s encouragement, I haven’t yet started writing historical fictional set in a library, nor introduced elements of this into Copyright and E-learning (my co-author wouldn’t buy it!)

Finally, the excitement of the ILG involvement in TeenTech continues and we have launched 10 resource sheets for schools, to support pupils and their teachers in how to do research. These guides are really visually attractive as well as hopefully being practical and useful for the teenagers. They are also all licensed under Creative Commons, so if you haven’t seen them, do check them out! There is much more I could write about, but the book is calling me for some final amendments! See you on the other side folks!!


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