My publications

Many of my publications can be accessed in full text in LSE Research Online. I’m the author of 5 books including my most recent book, the second edition of Copyright and E-learning a guide for practitioners, co-written with Chris Morrison.

copyright and E-learning

A selection of some of my recent publications are available below:

  • Secker, Jane (2013) Rethinking Information Literacy: from theory to practice at LSE. Kent University Lib Chat. 4th December 2013. Available at:
  • Secker, Jane (2013) Researching Information Literacy: from theory to practice. Lecture given at Aberystwyth University. 24th November 2013. Available at:
  • Secker, Jane and Coonan, Emma (2013) The Librarian as researcher. Workshop held at Cambridge University Library for Librarians In Training Group.
  • Graham, Nancy, Secker, Jane Zazani, Eleni, Kelt, Marion and Kasinskaite-Buddeberg, Irmgarda. (2013) CoPILOT: Developing A Community of Practice for Sharing Information Literacy Resources as Open Educational Resources. Panel discussion at European Conference of Information Literacy. Istanbul 22-25th October 2013.
  • Secker, Jane and Bell, Maria. (2013) Developing Digital and Information Literacies in LSE Undergraduate Students. short paper at European Conference of Information Literacy. Istanbul 22-25th October 2013.
  • Secker, Jane (2013) Digital and information literacies: supporting staff and students in higher education. Keynote given at University of Brighton Information Services staff conference. 28th June 2013.
  • Secker, Jane (2013) Integrating information and digital literacy into the curriculum: from theory to practice. Workshop given at University of Derby.
  • Secker, Jane and Graham, Nancy (2013). CoPILOT: supporting librarians in sharing their teaching material internationally. Paper presented at OER13 at University of Nottingham. 27th March 2013
  • Secker, Jane and Wrathall, Katy (2013) ANCIL: integrating information literacy into the curriculum through research, reflection and collaboration. Paper presented at LILAC 2013. University of Manchester. 25th-27th March. Available at:
  • Secker, Jane (2012) Digital literacy support for researchers: the personalised approach. In: Priestner, Andy and Tilley, Elizabeth, (eds.) Personalising library services in higher education: the boutique approach. Ashgate, Farnham, UK, pp. 107-125.
  • Secker, Jane and Coonan, Emma. (2012) Rethinking Information Literacy. Facet Publishing: London
  • Secker, J., Bell, M. and Wrathall, K. (2012) Implementing a New Curriculum for Information Literacy: lessons from LSE. Presentation at The Road to Information Literacy: IFLA Satellite Meeting. Tampere, Finland 8-10th August 2012.  (forthcoming)
  • Secker, J and Coonan E. (2012) A New Curriculum for Information Literacy. CILIP Information Literacy Executive Briefing 2012. Available at:
  • Secker, J and Graham, N. (2012). A repository for Information Literacy Open Educational Resources. UNESCO Open Educational Resources World Congress. Paris 21st-22nd June 2012.
  • Secker, J. (2012) Developing and implementing a new curriculum for information literacy. Keynote at CONUL Information Literacy Seminar. Trinity College Dublin. 14th June 2012.
  • Coonan, E. Webster, H, Secker, J. and Wrathall, K. (2012) A New Curriculum for Information Literacy: strategies for implementation. Workshop delivered at ALDinHE 9th Annual Conference. University of Leeds. Available at:
  • Secker, J, Coonan, E., Webster, H and Wrathall, K. (2012) A New Curriculum for Information Literacy: strategies for implementation. Workshop delivered at LILAC 2012. Glasgow Caledonian University. April 2012.
  • Secker, Jane and Coonan Emma. (2012) ANCIL: A New Curriculum for Information Literacy. (pp.171-190) In Godwin, Peter and Parker, Jo.(Eds)  Information Literacy Beyond Web 2.0. Facet Publishing London.
  • Coast, Ernestina and McDaid, David and Leone, Tiziana and Pitchforth, E. and Matthews, Zoe and Iemmi, Valentina and Hirose, Atsumi and Macrae-Gibson, Rowena and Secker, Jane and Jones, Eleri (2012) What are the effects of different models of delivery for improving maternal and infant health outcomes for poor people in urban areas in low income and lower middle income countries? Department for International Development, London.
  • Secker, Jane and Macrae-Gibson, Rowena. (2011) Evaluating MI512: an information literacy course for PhD students. Library Review 60 (2) 96-107.
  • Secker, Jane and Chatzigavriil, Athina and Leape, Jonathan (2010) The impact of technologies in a first year undergraduate course for social scientists. In: European Conference on E-learning (ECEL 2010), 4 – 5th November 2010, Porto, Portugal
  • Secker, Jane and Bell, Maria. (2010) Copyright? Why would I need to worry about that? The challenge of providing copyright support for staff. Legal Information Management : Journal of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians. 10 (3) 166-170.
  • Secker, Jane. (2010) Virtual Libraries as Virtual Learning Spaces. International Preservation News. 51 (August). 11-15. Available at:
  • Secker, Jane. (2010) Copyright and E-learning: a guide for practitioners. Facet publishing: Londo
  • Secker, Jane. (2010) Information literacy education in US Libraries.  Journal of Information Literacy. 4 (1), 75-78.
  • Secker, J and Macrae-Gibson, J. (2009). MI512: Supporting PhD Students at LSE. Paper presented at LILAC 2009. Cardiff University.
  • Secker, J. and Godwin, P. (2008). Information Literacy meets Library 2.0: a hands on workshop for librarians. Organised by the SCONUL Information Literacy group / CILIP CSG-Information Literacy Group. 3rd July 2008.
  • Secker, J. (2008). The adventures of LASSIE: Libraries, distance learners and social software. Serials. 21 (2) July, 112-115.
  • Secker, J. (2008). Social software and libraries: a literature review from the LASSIE project. Program. 42 (3), 215-231. DOI:10.1108/00330330810892640
  • Secker, J. & Price, G. (2008) Virtual Libraries as Virtual Learning Spaces: the experiences of the LASSIE project. Paper given at Networked Learning Conference, Halkidiki, Greece. 5-6th May 2008.
  • Secker, J., Brown, J. and Fryer, C. (2008). The LSE Training Portal: a Really Simple Solution. Paper given at LILAC 2008, Liverpool John Moores University. 17th – 19th March 2008#.
  • Secker, J. & Lloyd, C. (2008). Libraries, social software and distance learners: the adventures of LASSIE. Health Information on the Internet. 60 (2).
  • Secker, J. & Price, G. (2008) Libraries as a social space: enhancing the experience of distance learners using social software. In Brophy, P, Craven, J. & Markland, M. (Ed). Libraries Without Walls 7: Exploring Anytime anywhere delivery of library services. Facet: London.
  • Secker, J. (2008) The continuing adventures of LASSIE. ALISS Quarterly 3 (2), 9-12. January 2008.
  • Secker, J. and Fryer, C. (2008). “Information Literacy and RSS feeds” in Godwin, P and Parker, J (eds) “Information Literacy Meets Library 2.0”. London: Facet. March 2008.
  • Secker, Jane, Price, Gwyneth and Roger, Kris.  (2007) Libraries, distance learners and social software: providing social spaces to support learning. Paper at Towards a Social Science of Web 2.0 Conference. Univeristy of York. 5-6th September 2007.
  • Secker, Jane and Price, Gwyneth. (2007) Libraries as a social space: enhancing the experience of distance learners using social networking tools. Paper given at Libraries Without Walls 7. 14-18th September 2007. Lesbos, Greece.
  • Secker, Jane. (2007) Tag it, blog it, share it. Hands on workshop at Education Librarians Group event. UCL. 12th July 2007
  • Secker, Jane and Lingard, Matt. (2007) Tag it, blog it, share it. Hands on workshop at ALISS Conference: Getting to Grips with the Google Generation. University of Leeds. 5th July 2007
  • Secker, Jane. (2007) Libraries, social software and distance learners: LASSIE’s recent experiences in the web 2.0 world. Paper given at CDE Fellows Conference. Institute of Education. 19th June 2007.
  • Secker, Jane and Price, Gwyneth (2007) Libraries, Social Software and Distance Learners. Paper given at CPD25 Conference: The Library in the Interactive Environment: Practical use of technology to improve the student experience’. Monday 23 April 2007
  • Secker, Jane, Boden, Debbi and Price, Gwyneth. (2007) The Information Literacy Cookbook: ingredients, tasters and recipes for success.  Chandos Publishing: Oxford.
  • Leach, Sarah and Secker, Jane. (2006) Illustrating the point: images and e-literacy skills. Workshop given at eLit 2006. University of Loughborough. 28th-30th June 2006.
  • Secker, Jane, Boden, Debbi and Parker, Lyn. (2006) Information literacy should be taught by academic staff: discuss. Roundtable discussion at eLit 2006. University of Loughborough. 28th-30th June 2006.
  • Price, Gwyneth, Sansom, Clare, Secker, Jane Scott, Rachel and Snowley, Ian. (2006) Libraries and distance learning: proposing a research agenda: Panel discussion. University of London. Centre for Distance Education Fellows Conference. 21st June 2006.
  • Secker, Jane (2006), “New copyright licence allows scanning services to be extended in higher education”, ALISS Quarterly, 1(3), pp.20-22.
  • Secker, Jane (2006) Staying legal: copyright, VLEs and the role of the librarian. Presentation at CPD25 – The Digital Environment and Copyright Issues. 10th January 2006.
  • Secker, Jane. (2005) Licence to thrill: getting the most out of the CLA digitisation licence. Talk at ALISS Christmas Event. LSE. 14th December 2005. Available at:
  • Secker, Jane, Boden, Debbi and Stubbings, Ruth. (2005) Lessons from Lilac: current issues in information literacy. Paper given at Umbrella 2005. University of Manchester. 30th June-1st July 2005.
  • Secker, Jane, Stubbings, Ruth, Parker, Lyn, Price, Gwyneth, Boden, Debbi. (2005) Current Issues in Information Literacy: are we making the wrong assumptions? Paper given at eLit 2005. University of Strathclyde. 15th-17th June 2005.
  • Secker, Jane. (2005) DELIVERing library resources to the virtual learning environment. Program. 39 (1) 39-49.
  • Secker, J and Price, G (2004) Developing the e-Literacy of academics: case studies from LSE and the Institute of Education, University of London. International Journal of eLiteracy 1(2).
  • Secker, J. (2004) Online readings for online courses: attitudes of academic staff. Paper presented at ALT-C (Association for Learning Technology Annual Conference) 2004.
  • Secker, Jane (2004) Electronic resources in the Virtual Learning Environment: a practical guide for librarians. Chandos Publishing.
  • Secker, J. and Price, G. (2004) Developing the e-literacy of academic staff: case studies from LSE and the Institute of Education. Paper given at Elit Conference 2004. St John’s University, New York.
  • Secker, J. and Abomide, O. (2003) Providing and monitoring student use of electronic readings – what does it tell us? Poster presentation at ALT-C 2003.
  • Secker, J and Roger, K. Learning Technology at the LSE. (2002) ASSIGNation. 19. (3).
  • Secker, J. and Plewes, L. (2002) Traditional and electronic study packs: a case study of the production process. Program: electronic library and information systems. 36 (2). 99-109.
  • Secker, J. Reid, M. and Oliver, M. Electronic Reserves at University College London: Understanding the Needs of Academic Departments. Journal of InterLibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Information Supply 12 (2) 2001.
  • Secker, J. and Oliver, M. (2001) Models of an electronic course materials system. Poster presentation at Association for Learning Technology Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, 11th-14th September 2001.
  • Secker, J. (2001) Access to Core Course Materials Project. UCL Library Newsletter 7 (Autumn 2001). Available online at:
  • Secker, J. (2001) Improving access to course materials at UCL. SCONUL Newsletter 22 (Spring issue)
  • Secker, J and McAvinia, C. (2001) Enhancing teaching and learning at UCL: the Access to Core Course Materials Project and the Key Skills Web Development Project. Vine 122. March 2001. 35-40.
  • Secker, J.  (2001) Newspapers and historical research: a study of users and custodians in Wales. Paper given at Seminar: Lifelong Learning Through Local Newspapers. Organised by LASER and held at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. Friday 9th February 2001.
  • Secker, J. Newspapers and historical research. (2000) British Library Newspaper Library Winter 2000.
  • Secker, Jane, Jones, Aled and Stoker, David. (1998) The Use of Newspapers by Historians: results of a survey. Paper given at the Media History Conference. University of Westminster. July 1998.
  • James, S. Nelson, J, Secker, J and Thomas, C. (1998) Computer Conferencing to Support Distance Learning Students: a pilot scheme. Paper given at Current Issues in Distance Learning Conference at Loughborough University. January 1998. Loughborough: The Flexible Learning Initiative, 1998 pp. 132-142.
  • Stoker, David, Keen, Michael and Secker, Jane. (1997) The NewsAgent for Libraries electronic current awareness service for information professionals – extracting useful metadata from electronic records. Paper given at CRIMEA97. Libraries and associations in the transient world: new technologies and new forms of co-operation, at Sudak, Ukraine, June 1997.
  • Secker, Jane, Stoker, David and Tedd, Lucy. (1997) Attitudes of library and information science professionals to current awareness services: results from a user needs survey, using focus groups, for the NewsAgent project. Paper given at BAILER conference on Library and Information Science Research at Edinburgh, March 1997. Proceedings to be published by Taylor Graham.
  • Stoker, David and Secker, Jane. (1997) The design and content of an electronic current awareness service for information professionals: the Newsagent Project. in Clare Davies and Anne Ramsden (eds.) Electronic Library and Visual Information Research – ELVIRA4. Proceedings of the 4th UK/International Conference on Electronic Library and Visual Information Research. De Montfort University 6-8 May 1997. London: Aslib, 1997. pp 57-64.

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